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Slow Food International Press Review(2015.10.9)

Slow Food International Press Review

Dear Slow Foodies,

Here is our weekly selection of articles. (Fortunately) there are always many.

In order to facilitate the reading, we’ll list them accordingly to the timing of the featured events.

So let’s start with some new articles about Cheese 2015: among them, a lot from Bulgaria, and a really good reportage by Radio-Canada :

A bite of Cheese 2015! - The tenth edition of Cheese, the international biennial event dedicated to the world of cheese, was held from September 18 to 21 in Bra (Italy).

Canada, Radio Canada: http://bit.ly/1N17pXI

Poland, Krytyk Kulinarny: http://bit.ly/1GwclyT

Poland, Jem Radio: http://bit.ly/1JSEEYw (episode 40)

Spain, La Gazeta: http://bit.ly/1PjFq82

Spain, El Confidencial: http://bit.ly/1WOM7kB

UK, Wendy Barrie: http://bit.ly/1Lb4kk2

Bulgaria, Agrovinite: http://bit.ly/1QOeHiF

Bulgaria, Agrovinite: http://bit.ly/1iPxhvM

Bulgaria, Agrovinite: http://bit.ly/1NGWZxN

Bulgaria, Fermera: http://bit.ly/1JRBjch

Bulgaria, Agrozona: http://bit.ly/1FSTV0P

Bulgaria, Bgfermer: http://bit.ly/1L5JPWU

Bulgaria, Bgfermer: http://bit.ly/1j6QLeX

Bulgaria, f2ftv: http://bit.ly/1PhReYk

Bulgaria, new.sliven: http://bit.ly/1GvKE9w

Bulgaria, Desant: http://bit.ly/1PhRq9Z

Bulgaria, Bgnow: http://bit.ly/1jcGeQd

Bulgaria, Fakti: http://bit.ly/1iy4uuU

Bulgaria, LittleBG: http://bit.ly/1WMyeU9

Bulgaria, Utroruse: http://bit.ly/1VDdEsf

Bulgaria, BNT: http://bit.ly/1FWycVi

Bulgaria, Dunavmost: http://bit.ly/1FSZQms

Bulgaria, News.bg: http://bit.ly/1Ol6ftm

Bulgaria, InvestBG: http://bit.ly/1hqdEJb


An article which talks about the "Cheese War" between Brussels and Rome regarding the obligation sent to Italy to abolish the national law banning the use of “milk powdercondensed milk and reconstituted milk” in the manufacture of dairy products.

Germany, Der Spiegel: http://bit.ly/1OR6YCj


The Slow Food Beijing Festival, held from Wednesday September 23 to Saturday September 26 2015, brought over 300 Ark of Taste products to the Chinese capital:

China, Time Out: http://bit.ly/1VANKQw

China Weixin: http://bit.ly/1PeVrw7

A great radio interview with Paolo di Croce, General Secretary of Slow Food International, regarding Slow Food in China:

France, RFI: http://rfi.my/1MgnLZF


The 2016 Lavazza Calendar "From Father to Son", The New Generation Of Earth Defenders was presented on Monday,September 28 in Milan (Italy). The photo report by Joey L. explores the rites and customs of the new generation of Earth Defenders, custodians of tradition and promoters of innovation. The Calendar has been produced in partnership with Slow Food:

Germany, B&L Medien Gesellschafthttp://bit.ly/1Ldl8v6

USA, New York Ag Connection: http://bit.ly/1GrHPWQ

Austria, VinAustriahttp://bit.ly/1RqyCEV

Germany, Eurip Citieshttp://bit.ly/1M6yIkI

Spain, Capsulandia: http://bit.ly/1GrYRV5

Spain, Revista Mundo Vending: http://bit.ly/1jcKWgA

Spain, El Mundo: http://bit.ly/1VAAWiq


A great article by Carlo Petrini who praises the possibility to forbid GMO cultivations not only in Italy but all over Europe. He also reminds that if TTIP would be approved, it could pose a huge threat on the battle against GMOs:

Italy, La Repubblica: http://bit.ly/1Me5C2Z


Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed The Planet was held from October 3 to 6, 2015 in Milan. Over 2,500 farmers and young food leaders from 120 countries around the world participated to the event to think about the future of our food system and bring their voices to Expo 2015.

Switzerland, RSI: http://bit.ly/1LvDLws

Indonesia, Surat Kabar Pos Bali: http://bit.ly/1jJzgC2

Turkey, Flashaber: http://bit.ly/1QTYKah

USA, Madeinitalymall Blog: http://bit.ly/1hl3BVO

Mexico, Noticias - Starmedia: http://oran.ge/1Z2KmCC

Brazil, Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário: http://bit.ly/1FPo6Wv

USA, Storify: http://bit.ly/1MU0pfe

Turkey, Ajans 34: http://bit.ly/1GrJADr

Italy, Ansamed: http://bit.ly/1L4puRM

Italy, IFAD: http://bit.ly/1N1c0ZP

Germany, Der Tagesspiegel: http://bit.ly/1N1J7gd

Germany, Deutscher Naturschutzring EU-Koordination: http://bit.ly/1Lkr1SV

USA, Zero Hunger Challenge - Blog: http://bit.ly/1MhoYUU


Related to Terra Madre Giovani, here you can find an interview with Juan Diego (Mexican land salt producer present in theLavazza calendar and in We Feed The Planet event) and Alfonso S. Rocha Robles (International Councilor for Slow Food Mexico and Latin America).

Mexico, Noticias Terra: http://bit.ly/1KZUh4t

Mexico, Notimex TV: http://youtu.be/nx8yfN4xzOc

Mexico, El Mundo de Cordoba: http://ow.ly/STyIN


An interview with Josef Zisyadis, co-president of Slow Food Switzerland:  

Switzerland, Planète Santé: http://bit.ly/1OXUPvF


The gastronomic festival Arco do Gosto will take place from October 8 to October 18 in Sao Paolo (Brazil). The festival is organized by Slow Food Brazil and involves 14 restaurants of the city together with their chefs who will prepare several disheswith Brazilian ingredients at risk of extinction, such as umbu and araruta. Here is the FB page of the event. Here you will find a photo gallery of all the ingredients: http://bit.ly/1LAtZsZ.

Brazil, Valor Economico: http://bit.ly/1ZaVj4Y

Brazil, Folha de S.Paulo: http://bit.ly/1FT2vwi

Brazil, Gastrolandia: http://bit.ly/1OlAXm5

Brazil, Sem Medida: http://bit.ly/1PigQo6

Brazil, Paladar: http://bit.ly/1VGfXWc

Brazil, Globo Radio: http://glo.bo/1FUnAGT

Brazil, Veja Sao Paulo: see file attached


Slow Food Västnyland will organize an event in Fiskars (Finland) on October 10 and 11. The event will bring together more than 60 local producers:

Finland, Helsingin Sanomat: http://bit.ly/1OSCr7c

Finland, Vastra Nyland: http://bit.ly/1jd4LVl

Finland, Svenska: http://bit.ly/1VEOios

Finland, Svenska: http://bit.ly/1Q7zm0G

Matrilineal societies across the world are believed to lay special emphasis on empowering women and contribute to more healthy and peaceful living. A study involving three matrilineal tribes across the world, including one in North East India, is being conducted to verify the belief. The outcome of the research, sanctioned and funded by the North East Slow Food & Agro-biodiversity Society (NESFAS), will be released during Indigenous Terra Madre from November 3 to 7, 2015.

India, Business Standard: http://bit.ly/1Gw5eXr

India, The Statesman: http://bit.ly/1VDCBUi

The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance kicked off a month ago in India, joining the Slow Food global network of chefs who work to defend food biodiversity across the world.

India, Hospitality BizIndia: http://bit.ly/1Rqp7Wc


The BBC Food Programme continues to explore products from the Ark of Taste in a weekly slot on BBC Radio 4. The last segment featured the Rex Union Orange, a cross between a Sevile orange and a pomelo. Here is the link to the episode stream:http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p034f2x4


story linked to a Slow Food project will be broadcasted every week on TV SLO (Slovenia). The first episode features Camogli Tonnarella, a seasonal fixed fishing system that has centuries of history. Here is the link:



Two great Slow Food quotes: the first one includes Slow Food among the 10 organizations which create a more sustainable food system, the second one cites Slow Food as a good example in the support of small scale productions.

UK, Food Tank: http://bit.ly/1QUTZgH

UK, Foodanddrink Europe: http://bit.ly/1LnC1z2


Slow Food Network:

We are really proud to announce that Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy, declared in a official speech that "the best answer to fast food - which has given us standardized food in every corner of the world - has been the creation of Slow Food. Brilliance, creativity, quality and beauty are the most effective responses to the dangers of homogenization and degradation that global interconnection inevitability entails".

Italy, La Dante: http://bit.ly/1JG7lru


From Slow Food India the FB page of the event Indigenous Terra Madre:  http://on.fb.me/1L8oxIh


From Slow Food Mexico y Centro America an interview with Irad Santa Cruz, leader of Slow Food Tlaxcala:http://bit.ly/1R0NEQT

Mexico, Diario la Voz del Sureste: http://bit.ly/1N1OiwE


From Slow Food France the participation of Slow Food to the Festival francophone des Communs, which will take place fromOctober 5 to 18http://bit.ly/1jPS9mV


The outcome of We Feed the Planet, an open letter to the world: http://bit.ly/1P04JwP

Several articles linked to event have been published on SlowFood.com


Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity

A (Sweet) Buying Group Inspired By Solidarity - http://bit.ly/1P8xINR


Slow Europe

Distrust over EU GM crop approvals grows as at least 13 countries move towards national bans - http://bit.ly/1VGkQP2


Slow Food at Expo 2015:

The Heroes of the Future: Pietro’s Dream of Orange Blossoms - http://bit.ly/1Mej3vz


Good to Know:

3.263.920 signatures have been collected so far in order to stop TTIP and CETA:  https://stop-ttip.org/


USA, NPR: http://n.pr/1OnhEar

We Leave Half Of All Our Seafood On The Table (And In The Trash)


UK, The Guardian: http://bit.ly/1N1tKV8

Russia's war on western food is leading to a national cheese revival


Brazil - Veja Sao Paulo.jpg


The Slow Food International Press Office Team

Paola Nano, Ester Clementino and Giulia Capaldi